Unlocking the Future with 21st Century Keys

Project description: Develop a Cadre-Team Wiki site for educational resources and lessons that

  • align to 21st Century "Keys" Web 2.0 Tools (green keys) and Kan-ed resources (pink keys)

(new Web 2.0 Tools are welcome and will be included in our updated Team Seaman Keys)
  • correlate to Common Core Standards (ELA & Math)

  • utilize 21st Century Learner Profiles

(click here to access the 21st Century Learning Environments and Unifying Themes)
  • integrate interactive tools: SMARTboards, Document Cameras and/or other district technologies

Project objectives:

Upon completion of this project, participants will be able to:
  • Create, contribute to and edit a wiki in a Team format;
  • Use appropriate Web 2.0 tools to develop classroom lessons or projects;
  • Develop technology skills to enhance teaching;
  • Integrate technology tools into the classroom;
  • Participate in online learning communities to develop classroom support;
  • Find web resources to target their area of teaching;
  • Work collaboratively with other teachers on projects using the Internet;
  • Promote higher-level thinking with any curriculum.

Measuring Success of This Project:

Participants should focus their learning on the following items:
  • Posting comment(s) about the topic that is being discussed;
  • Developing lessons plans using the tools that are being discussed;
  • Exploring professional learning community participation, if applicable;
  • Creating a Collaborative Team project using an online tool;
  • Sharing of information learned during the project at January meeting.

Lead Facilitator -- Susan Pendergast

NOTE: I would like Kim Patton to be the guest facilitator as she mentors me on how to manage an online project. If you do not receive a response from me in 24 hrs. please contact Kim for assistance.

Contact Information for Susan

I plan to monitor project pages on Wed evening and will post new information to the Pace your Project page by Sunday evening. Please sign up for the notify feature on the Pacing your Project page. When new information and items get added, you will receive an email. As a Cadre member, please feel free to add "group or global" information that would impact all.

Contact Information for Kim
Email me anytime at kpatton@usd345.com