Tech Tips by CK

Creating QR Codes linking student's programs of study to a career field they are interested in as a quick resource. We used QR-Code Generator

With much of our focus on implementation of the iPads additional activities incorporated the following iPad Apps:

QR Reader- allowed students to scan their secondary school program of study code they had created

ERate - a Mortgage Rate app which allows calculations for home loans, car loans introducing students to the world of personal finance

VoiceThread - a fun app allowing students to introduce themselves and share their dreams, goals, aspirations for their future as seen through the eyes of a 9th grader

Howcast - allows students the opportunity to view a short description of various occupations - a quick glimpse

TED - quick informative, innovative presentations which provide students a vehicle to widen their life perspective

WolframAlpha - an App I will be sharing with students as a resource which could be beneficial in their core classes

KHAN Academy - another resource for students to assist with Math, Science, Humanities & other, Test Prep, and Talks and Interviews - also available at